Baby wakes as soon as I put her down in her cot

This is one of the many frustrations when your baby is not a good sleeper. Finally your baby has fallen asleep in your arms and you want to put her down in her cot. You quietly tiptoe towards your baby’s cot and slowly lower her into her cot… Yet the minute she hits the mattress, she opens her eyes and starts crying! NO!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? Well there is a very good reason for it… When your baby falls asleep in your arms, her body and brains goes into “sleep mode”. The brain relaxes the body and gets ready to sleep. When you move your baby to her cot, your baby’s body is moving (It sounds a bit silly, but the brain communicates with the body all the time. The brain determines what the body is doing). Her brain thinks “why is my body moving?”. “I’m supposed to sleep. I’m in “sleep mode”. The brain thinks the body is in danger so he brings the body “out of sleep” instead of “deeper into sleep”. It is very important for the baby to “fall asleep” where she is going to “wake up” and that is in her cot. She needs to be wide awake, not drowsy, when you transfer her to her cot for a sleep (Day & Night). You will see, her sleep will improve within a day or two. Good luck Sleep well


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