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Welcome to the End of Exhaustion with our Online Baby Sleep Program

How to promote good sleeping habits successfully

I know you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. You have tried so many strategies and routines to get your child to sleep with little to no success.  What if I could help you get your child to sleep, all the way through the night, and it would cost less than $100.

First, let’s find out if this program is for you….

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My baby will only fall asleep with breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • My baby wakes up as soon as I lay him/her down
  • My baby needs to be rocked or patted to sleep
  • My baby needs a dummy to go to sleep
  • My baby wakes multiple times overnight
  • Your lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on you and your family

If you associate with any of these points, then I can help you!

I am sure that someone at some stage has told you that sleep training = “cry-it-out” which is not true.  Crying it out really scares you and it just doesn’t sit right with you as a parent.

Here is the Good News, at Happy Sleepers we do not practise the “cry-it-out” method, we have a step-by-step, easy to follow 14 day program which allows you to stay in the room with your baby until they fall asleep. Which will give you peace of mind that your baby is ok.

This program has been successful for 1500+ families for over 7 years all over the world.

The Happy Sleepers program is a simple video series, which will not take up your entire day, but show you step by step easy to follow instructions to get your child to sleep.


Hear from Veronica about how Happy Sleepers helped her 6-month-old baby sleep through the night

Hey Christine, we have an excellent weekend. Tony has been sleeping all through the night no waking up at all, me and my husband don’t know what to do with ourselves.

– Natasha

Very happy with the program. My son now sleeps I don’t have to get up 5 or 6 times a night and I don’t have to hold him or rock him to sleep anymore. I can relax and get sleep myself now. Thanks happy sleepers!

– Jessica

By far the best help I’ve ever received. My son would never sleep the whole night & needed a bottle early hours & would end up in bed with my partner & I. He now sleeps all night in his own bedroom. So glad we found you.
– Kirri

Baby not Sleeping?

Why is my baby not sleeping?

When babies are unable to settle themselves to sleep or back to sleep independently (without any help from you), it means they rely on external strategies in order to go to sleep.  If they need an external strategy (which is usually attached to a parent) in order to go to sleep, they will always need you to help them, even if they wake up 10 times overnight.  The external strategy (like patting) is the problem, you need to get rid of it and replace it with an internal skill.  An internal skill is like the way you are falling asleep. You just go to bed and fall asleep, you don’t need someone to pat your back in order to go to sleep (it will be nice, but you don’t need it) Once you’ve taught your baby an internalised skill (to self-settle) your baby’s sleep will improve dramatically and start sleeping through the night. (usually within 7 nights 😊) Does that sound exciting!!:)

But why is it so important to improve my baby’s sleep?

Firstly:  A US study has shown UNRESOLVED sleep issues during the first year of infancy, will persist in 80% of children until they are 3 years old. Could you handle sleep deprivation till your child was 3???

Secondly:  You’re already feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted, can you imagine how your baby is feeling.  Let’s see how “not having enough sleep” is affecting your baby…

  • Mood disturbances
  • Fatigue/daytime lethargy
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Behaviour problems
  • Academic problems
  • Stunted growth
  • Weight problems
  • Low attention span
  • Delayed learning
  • Less ability to cope with stress
  • Lack of playfulness
  • Incorrect diagnosis of ADHD

UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP is VITAL for your baby’s development.

It’s very important for a baby to start sleeping through the night from 6 months, prior to 6 months, a quick feed and then back to sleep without any help from you, if it’s not that easy, I’m here to help you TODAY!

How do I know this program works?

I know this program works because I’ve done a similar program myself with my twins when they were 5 months old.  I went to sleep school with my little ones and had a 5-day stay. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for us.  I went home with more issues and no support.  I was VERY FRUSTRATED!! (I know now why it didn’t work 🙁 )

After a lot of research, I found a DIY sleep training program (similar to this one), I started the program at home and within 7 NIGHTS, both my babies were sleeping through the night!! (11-12 hours!!!) I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Yes, there was a degree of crying and I definitely didn’t like to hear my babies cry, but looking back now (almost 6 years ago!) I’m soooo glad I did it.  After almost 6 years, they are still the best sleepers ever! 😊 You just can’t compare 1 night of crying with a lifetime of good sleeping.



Child – 4 Months Old


Child – 6 Months Old


Child – 6 Months Old

Our Program

Why does this program work?

The Happy Sleepers program works because:
  • It’s very easy to follow. It’s a 14-day program and I tell you exactly what to do every day and night.  There is NO CONFUSION.
  • It’s customised to your baby’s age.  
  • It’s complete.  It includes everything you need to sleep train your baby successfully in the comfort of your home.  This program includes:
  • Introduction & Preparation videos (Training)
  • Sleep Workbook
  • Sleep Plan & Consultation Video
  • Daily Coaching Videos
  • Support after the program

Who am I? Why trust me?

I am an ICU Nurse, Midwife, Qualified Baby/Toddler Sleep Specialist but also mum of 9 year old twins, Anthony and Emma. They are the reason I started Happy Sleepers. As babies, they made me realise how important sleep is and how not getting enough made us a very dysfunctional family. We were very tired and really didn’t enjoy our little twins the way we wanted to. We were desperate for sleep!!! Because I was so sleep deprived for such a long time, it became my mission to help other mums and families with their sleep challenges.  

I have completed a comprehensive training and mentoring program with Dana Obleman, founder of the Sleep Sense program in the US, which gave me with the best tools and knowledge to change sleep problems into healthy sleep habits. It is my personal mission to help babies and toddlers to sleep through the night. Our consultancy service is available to help families in Australia and worldwide.

Package Details

What’s included?

Sleep Plan

  • A detailed 14 Day Step-by-Step Sleep Plan will be prepared for you (Age appropriate).  The sleep plan will also contain training videos to increase your knowledge and understanding.
  • We use a method to Sleep Train babies where you can sit next to your baby’s cot until he/she falls asleep and then you can leave the room. This method reduces separation anxiety.
  • A Sleep Log will be provided to track your progress

Video Training

  • We discuss all the changes that needs to happen in order for this program to work for you and your baby/toddler
  • We go through the sleep plan step-by-step so you understand and know exactly what to do during the 14-day program
  • We discuss strategies and troubleshooting

    In this program we will cover:

    • Who am I?
    • Why is my baby not sleeping?
    • The Nursery
    • Crying
    • Milk feeds and Solids
    • Naps and Awake Times
    • Swaddles and Sleeping bags
    • Teething
    • Reflux
    • Twins

    We also cover:

    • How much sleep your baby  needs for his/her age
    • Your baby’s ideal daytime routine
    • The perfect bedtime routine
    • Maximum awake times between naps and bedtime.
    • Changes we must make in order for this program to work for you.
    • Bedtime (The whole process Step-by-Step how to settle your baby to sleep)
    • How to handle overnight wakings and feeding
    • Naptime
    • Extras

It’s very important to have a solid understanding of how sleep works, why your baby is not sleeping well, the changes that needs to happen to improve your baby’s sleep and how to maintain this.  If someone understands why something is happening, the commitment to continuous is better.

Now, I know that tired parents don’t like to read through thick, boring books, that’s why I made videos.  You can sit back, relax and just listen. I separated all the videos so you can come back later and only listen to the video you need to hear again.

Daily Coaching Videos (14 Days)

Daily coaching videos will be available to watch. On Day 0, I will explain to you exactly what to expect on Night 1 and how to prepare for it. Once you’ve done Night 1, there will be daily coaching videos (for 14 days) available to watch.  In these videos I will discuss what the expected outcome could have been the previous night, what you can expect for the day (day naps) and preparing you for the next night.

My Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your child does not sleep through the night within the 14-day time frame of the program.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Your baby/toddler must be between 7 months and 24 months. No Guarantee for younger babies or older toddlers
  2. Your baby/toddler must be in a cot (if your baby is in a toddler bed or bed you can move him back into a cot on night 1 of the program)
  3. You must follow my program and recommendations 100%
  4. You must complete your sleep log for 14 days. To claim your money back you must provide me with your sleep log as proof.

Importance of Sleep

Why is sleep so important?

Studies have shown that unresolved sleep issues during the first year of infancy will persist in 80% of children until they are 3 years old. Could you handle sleep deprivation till your child is 3?

Also, if you’re already feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted, imagine how your baby is feeling.

Here are some of the issues associated with childhood sleep deprivation:

  • Mood disturbances
  • Fatigue/daytime lethargy
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Behaviour problems
  • Academic problems
  • Stunted growth
  • Weight problems
  • Low attention span
  • Delayed learning
  • Less ability to cope with stress
  • Lack of playfulness
  • Incorrect diagnosis of ADHD

From 6 months, your baby should be sleeping the whole night, and prior to that they should be having a quick feed and then back to sleep without any help from you.

Sounds like a dream? Let’s make it a reality!

If you are ready to put those long nights of interrupted sleep behind you…

If you are ready to be committed to your child’s health by giving him the Gift of Sleep for the rest of their life…

If you are ready to start NOW!

I’m VERY EXCITED to start working with you!

Come and join the more than 1500 other parents who have solved their babies/toddlers sleep issues – once and for all!

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