3.5 months to 5 months


This package is specially designed for  a baby aged 3.5 – 5 months.   At this age 60%  of babies are still having a night feed and 40%  are sleeping through the night.  With this package we will definitely still feed your baby overnight in very structured way if he is hungry but I have seen so many times, once the baby knows how the resettle and go back to sleep independently, they resettle and skip the feeds themselves.

At this age babies usually have 1 overnight feed or none.  If you follow this age group package we will remove all sleep associations like rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep, patting to sleep and all dummies. If your baby decides himself to skip overnight feeds, you will definitely see your baby’s  drinking improve during the day.

Once you’ve done this program you will see the following happening:

*  Your baby will fall asleep for naps and bedtime within less than 10 minutes.

*   Your baby will sleep for at least a 4 hour block, have a quick feed and go back to sleep for at least another 4 hour block

*  Structure and routine during the day and at bedtime

*  No snack feeding

*  Good naps during the day.

*  Usually at this age a baby still has 3 naps during the day.

*  Drinking will improve

*  Your baby’s temperament and behavior will improve

*  Less crying in general  during the day and night


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