Ultimate Package (Pregnancy to 4 Years in Toddler Bed)


This is the ULTIMATE package to have!!!  With this package, you are sorted from birth until your toddler can move into a toddler bed.   In a 4 year timeframe, your baby will go through a lot of adjustments, growing, teething, tantrums, and milestones and all of these things will affect your baby/toddler’s sleep, and unfortunately for us, sleep plays a role in EVERY aspect of life.

Whether you are still pregnant with your baby or your baby is only a few weeks/months old, this package will help you to establish structure, routine, and good sleeping habits for your baby and how to maintain that long-term even when your child is sick or you want to go on a holiday.

This package will give you ALL the information in regards to:

  • Where your baby should sleep and how should I set up the room?
  • Which swaddles or sleeping bags to use
  • Do I need to use white noise?
  • How often should I feed my baby?
  • Can I use a dummy?

Here are just a few things to mention your baby will go through from birth until he/she is 4 years and in a toddler bed. You might not be aware of all of it but I will guide you and support you and give you the best knowledge available to manage all these milestones without affecting your and your baby’s sleep.

  • Establishing a  good feeding routine?
  • How to swaddle your baby?
  • How to unswaddle your baby when he starts rolling?
  • When to start solids and when to give it?
  • Growth spurts
  • Teething
  • How many feeds overnight?
  • Sitting
  • Crawling
  • Establishing a  good feeding (milk and solids) routine?
  • Is it ok for my baby to roll onto his tummy?
  • Should I still feed my baby overnight?
  • When can my baby start sleeping through the night?
  • Standing up
  • Walking
  • Skipping naps
  • When to stop naps
  • Jumping out of the cot prematurely and what to do?
  • When to move from a cot to a toddler bed.


In this program we will cover:

  • Who am I?
  • Why is my baby not sleeping?
  • The Nursery
  • Crying
  • Milk feeds and Solids
  • Naps and Awake Times
  • Swaddles and Sleeping bags
  • Consequences and Reward
  • Teething
  • Reflux
  • Twins

We also cover:

  • Your baby’s age and how much sleep he/she needs
  • Your baby’s ideal daytime routine
  • The perfect bedtime routine
  • Maximum awake times between naps and bedtime.
  • Changes we must make in order for this program to work for you.
  • Bedtime (The whole process Step-by-Step how to settle your baby to sleep)
  • How to handle overnight wakings and feeding
  • Naptime
  • Extras

What is included?:

  1. Introduction & Preparation
  2. Sleep Workbook
  3. Sleep Plan & Consultation for all the age groups
  4. Training Videos
  5. Daily Coaching Videos
  6. Support after the program

Once you’ve done this program you will see the following happening:

*  Your baby will fall asleep for naps and bedtime within less than 10 min

* Structure and routine during the day and at bedtime

*  No snack feeding

*  Good naps during the day.

*  Eating and Drinking will improve

*  Your baby’s temperament and behavior will improve

*  Less crying in general  during the day and night


There is nothing worse than working with a small little human being you love sooo much but you don’t know what you’re doing.  You feel frustrated and overwhelmed all the time.  This program will give you structure and routine in your day but most of all, it will give you confidence.  This program will honestly change your life!!  🙂

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