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Do you have a hard time getting your baby or toddler to sleep? Do they wake up in the night and fight to stay awake? Are you tired of trying all sorts of solutions to help, such as putting them to bed earlier, or not letting them a nap during the day, only to find that it doesn’t help at all?

Would you like personalised assistance from a baby and toddler sleep specialist and support in getting your infant resting better through gentle sleep training at home?


If so, Happy Sleepers is here to help. Our Gladstone baby sleep consultants and trainers provide support and guidance on how parents can teach their infants healthy sleep habits. This doesn’t mean simply letting them ‘cry it out’, as you may have heard to do. Instead, we do this by teaching parents how to implement our well-recognised Baby Sleep Training techniques in a way that works for your family.

Learn more on our baby and toddler sleep training available from a dedicated specialist, contact us at Happy Sleepers today by calling 0413 638 299.

Personalised Baby & Toddler Sleep Training

 After becoming a mother to twins, Christine Scheepers – the founder of Happy Sleepers – became intimately familiar with not only the struggles of managing children’s sleep cycles, but also those of parents. This gave birth to developing her own sleep training program for her children, and igniting a passion for helping other parents with custom baby and toddler sleep training.

Christine is now an ICU nurse, midwife and qualified sleep consultant. After a FREE initial 15-minute consultation to discuss the sleep issues required for your infant, we can establish an ongoing schedule of sleep training, including in-home sleep assistance, zoom & phone package or a DIY sleep program for those in Gladstone, QLD.

Contact a Trained Sleep Consultant for Your Infant

For more information on our baby and toddler sleep training services from a trained specialist in Gladstone QLD, contact us at Happy Sleepers today by calling 0413 638 299, sending an email to, or submit an enquiry through our online contact form, and we will be in touch shortly.



MEMBERS – Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Baby Bath Salts
Teething Gel
Nappy Cream
Sleeping Bags
Gro Clock
Block Out Blinds
Baby Bath Salts

Bambino Bubbles improves sleep

Hi, my name is Christine and I’m the creator of Bambino Bubbles. As a baby sleep consultant (Happy Sleepers) it is very important to me to promote heathy sleep as much as possible. Ok, so I’m a sleep consultant, where does Bambino Bubbles come from? Something most babies have in common is, they all like a nice, warm bath. So what I’ve done was, I created a bath salt range specifically for babies and the best thing about it is, it promotes SLEEP!!!

Bambino Bubbles is a Magnesium based bath salt combined with natural essential oils, specifically for babies, which will improve your baby’s sleep. Bambino Bubbles is baby friendly and will make bath-time enjoyable with its natural colours and fragrances. Our products are manufactured by hand, using only the finest ingredients.

How will Bambino Bubbles improve your baby’s sleep?
* It calms the central nervous system and acts as a sedative.
* Surpresses nerve activity, which leads to a decrease in muscle twitches and jerks, therefore less night wakings
* Assist in deep undisturbed sleep
* Improves insomnia conditions including night terrors
* Maintains a healthy biological clock and sleep cycle.

Other health benefits:
* Keeps bones strong
* Keeps the heart rhythm steady
* Support the immune system
* Eases stress and Anxiety in kids with Autism and ADHD

Why bath salts?
Most mums love to bath their babies before night time sleep and a bedtime routine (which includes a bath) is a very good way to establish healthy sleep habits. Because you’re going to bath your baby every day in anyway, you might as well expose him to this wonderful mineral which can improve your baby’s sleep.
Studies have shown that both magnesium and sulphate are easily absorbed through the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and as such has an amazing ability to absorb, filter toxins and delivers nutrients to the body. This makes soaking an ideal way to top up your baby’s magnesium levels and yield other health benefits it offers.

If you are interested to try it, please go to my website:

Teething Gel

SM33 is the best teething gel in Australia. It gives instant relief due to the ingredient Lignocaine which is present in the gel.

It has a three-way action: Anaesthetic, antiseptic and soothing action.

SM33 can be purchased at any chemist.

Nappy Cream

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a very good nappy cream. It’s very sticky which prevents your baby from getting a nappy rash in the first place. It’s a bit more expensive than other nappy creams but works a lot better. I used it with both my babies. This product is originally from the UK. You can order it here.

If your baby already has a nappy rash and you want to use local products, I always recommend to use PaPaw ointment on the bum to help with healing and then Sudocrem to protect. The combination of the 2 different ointments works very well. These products can be purchased at any chemist. PaPawSudocrem.


Warm Steam Vaporiser
As an Intensive Care Nurse, I’m a great believer in Vaporisers. When your baby/toddler starts with a runny nose, bring the vaporiser into his/her room for ALL sleeps. The warm, moist air will make the flem in his/her chest more movable. Your baby/toddler might be more snotty but at least it gets out. It will prevent your baby/toddler to get sicker. When your baby/toddler is coughing a lot, the warm, moist air will also sooth your baby/toddler’s throat and usually they cough less. Try it! 🙂

The one I like is the Hippo Deluxe Steam Vaporiser but really, any warm vaporiser will work.


The ErgoPouch Swaddle is a very good option. With swaddles, I prefer arms to be DOWN instead of up. We swaddle babies to prevent them from startling. The startle reflex wakes them up from sleep. When the baby’s arms are up, they can still startle.

Our warm and padded 2.5 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag is designed for newborns and babies, to contain their startle reflex while keeping them snug and securely swaddled throughout winter. The no-origami Cocoon Swaddle in organic fibres does away with complicated wrapping, a lifesaver for midnight feeds!

What’s more, the press stud poppers in the armholes convert this baby swaddle into your baby’s first sleeping bag as soon as they start to show signs of rolling. How good is that!

We recommend the 2.5TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag for swaddled newborns and arms out (rollers) to age 12 months in room temperatures between 17°C and 23°C (64°F and 73°F).

2 IN 1 – converts from a baby swaddle to a baby sleeping bag by opening the poppers in the armholes once your baby is showing signs of rolling.

TOG rated – 2.5 TOG is designed for winter when temperatures in your child’s room are between 17°C and 23°C (64°F and 73°F). With a TOG rated swaddle, you don’t need any additional blankets.

2-way zipper – getting your baby in and out of this swaddle is so easy, making nappy changes are a breeze. It is also difficult to wriggle out from, creating longer sleeps (hooray!).

Friendly for Hips – the Cocoon Swaddle Bag has a bell-shaped bottom so that the hips + legs can flop outwards during sleep making it officially hip friendly.

Stretchy – allows for growth spurts, small arm movements for self-soothing, and full chest expansion makes the Cocoon a very comfortable (and safe) swaddle for your baby to sleep in.

Organic Cotton + Bamboo – teaming the outer fabric and filling from organic cotton and the lining from bamboo makes this so skin friendly as it promotes breathability and prevents those sweaty feels.

Free room thermometer is included with this product.

We recommend pairing this product with an under-layer from our Layers range. Please see our What to Wear Guide for more information on dressing your baby for the appropriate room temperature.

The Cocoon Swaddle Bag meets all safety standards in Australia and New Zealand.

You can purchase this swaddle at ergoPouch

Sleeping Bags

I recommend for a baby to transition from a swaddle directly to a sleeping bag. No sheets, no blankets. The sleeping bag will keep your baby warm during summer and winter. No unnecessary wake ups overnight because your baby is cold. I also recommend to keep your baby in a sleeping bag until they transition to a toddler bed which is NOT before the age of 2.5 years. The sleeping bag will prevent your baby to lift his/her legs high enough to actually get out of the cot.

Our Jersey Sleeping Bag (2.5 tog) is made from an Organic Cotton jersey outer layer and is filled with 100% Organic Cotton for warmth on those cooler winter nights. It is designed for a little one who prefers a slim fit feel through the body, with plenty of room for the legs. We suggest using the Jersey Sleeping Bag as the next transition from the Cocoon Swaddle Bag. As a bonus, it’s a cost-effective toddler sleeping bag option that will grow with the child up to 24 months*!

We recommend the Jersey Bag if your little one is sleeping arms out (not swaddled), age 8-24 months. The 2.5 tog Jersey Bag is designed for cooler room temperatures between 17°C and 23°C (64°F and 73°F).

Jersey Fabric – a breathable, lightweight and low maintenance fabric where organic cotton is knitted in a way to allow for stretch in all directions for ultimate comfort for your little one. Similar to your standard t-shirt fabric.

TOG rated – 2.5 TOG is designed for winter when temperatures in your child’s room are between 17C° – 23C° (64-73F). With a TOG rated sleeping bag, you don’t need any additional blankets

2-Way Zipper – getting your little one in and out of this sleeping bag is so easy. Even more, nappy changes are a breeze.

Friendly for Hips – the Jersey Sleeping Bag has a bell-shaped bottom so that the hips + legs can flop outwards during sleep.

Stretchy – allows for growth spurts, full chest expansion and a very comfortable bag for your baby to sleep in.

Slim Fit Design – ideal as the next sleeping bag once your little one has outgrown their Cocoon Swaddle

Organic Cotton – a skin-friendly choice as it promotes breathability, prevents those sweaty feels and creates longer sleeps (hooray!).

Free room thermometer is included with this product.

We recommend pairing this product with an under-layer from our Layers range. Please see our What to Wear Guide for more information on dressing your baby for the appropriate room temperature.

The Jersey Bag meets all safety standards in Australia and New Zealand.

You can purchase this sleeping bag at egoPouch


A monitor is not something you must have but it will definitely give you a bit of peace of mind. I always recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before going into your baby’s room when he/she wakes from a sleep to give him/her time to resettle back to sleep. In that 10 min it’s always nice to see what your baby is doing and to make sure he/she is ok.

The video monitor I like and recommend is the Oricom Secure 870. The reason why I recommend this one is because you can actually follow your baby. There is a button on the screen and the camera can go up or down or zoom in if your baby moved around in the cot. It does has a music and starry night lightshow but will not recommend to use it.

You can purchase this monitor at any baby shop or from this link

Gro Clock

The toddler Gro Clock is a big recommendation for toddlers 16 months and older. It teaches them to know when it’s “sleepy time” and when it’s “wake up time”.

How do you get your children to understand when it’s time to get up? SIMPLE “stay in bed until you see the sun!” The Gro clock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it’s time to spring out of bed. For older children there is also a digital display so they can learn to tell the time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun!

You can purchase the Gro Clock at any baby shop or you can click here and use the coupon name Happysleep to receive a 15% discount.

Block Out Blinds

It’s very important for your baby’s room to be very dark. When you close the door during the day for naps, you shouldn’t be able to see your hand. The reason is we want the body to start producing Melatonin (which is a natural sleep hormone) to improve the length and quality of your baby’s sleep.

It can be very difficult to get your baby’s room very dark but I can recommend a few options for you.

The Gro Company does have Gro Blinds which works very good. You can purchase it online and receive 15% discount by using the Coupon Code Happysleep

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