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Do you have a hard time getting your baby or toddler to sleep? Do they wake up in the night and fight to stay awake? Are you tired of trying all sorts of solutions to help, such as putting them to bed earlier, or not letting them a nap during the day, only to find that it doesn’t help at all?

Would you like personalised assistance from a baby and toddler sleep specialist and support in getting your infant resting better through gentle sleep training at home?


If so, Happy Sleepers is here to help. Our Gladstone baby sleep consultants and trainers provide support and guidance on how parents can teach their infants healthy sleep habits. This doesn’t mean simply letting them ‘cry it out’, as you may have heard to do. Instead, we do this by teaching parents how to implement our well-recognised Baby Sleep Training techniques in a way that works for your family.

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Personalised Baby & Toddler Sleep Training

 After becoming a mother to twins, Christine Scheepers – the founder of Happy Sleepers – became intimately familiar with not only the struggles of managing children’s sleep cycles, but also those of parents. This gave birth to developing her own sleep training program for her children, and igniting a passion for helping other parents with custom baby and toddler sleep training.

Christine is now an ICU nurse, midwife and qualified sleep consultant. After a FREE initial 15-minute consultation to discuss the sleep issues required for your infant, we can establish an ongoing schedule of sleep training, including in-home sleep assistance, zoom & phone package or a DIY sleep program for those in Gladstone, QLD.

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Sleep Guide For Teething Babies

As a sleep specialist, I hear this a lot….. my baby is not sleeping because he is teething.  Well, teething can be the reason, but it’s not ALWAYS the reason. Usually when a baby is teething, there are more tears involved and the baby is in general not feeling well. Because mum is feeling sorry for the baby she starts to rock or pat him or give an extra bottle of milk overnight, give the dummy more often or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Once the teething is over, the baby started to like the extra attention (which is very normal) and he will demand it until he gets it and there the vicious cycle start and you don’t know how to stop it.
When a baby is teething, what you need to do is the following:

  • Give the baby a pain killer (like baby Panadol) BEFORE bed.  If you don’t give the pain killer and the baby is really teething, he will wake up during the night in pain,  you’re going to give the pain killer in any way, now he had broken sleep.  Give the pain killer before bed and he is covered for the night.
  • Teething gel (Like SM33) helps numbing the gums.
  • I’m a great believer in the amber necklace. The amber stone is a natural pain reliever.   Both my babies wore them and I never knew when they were teething.  I know a lot of mums are scared of strangling.  The string is very weak, it will break before your baby gets hurt.
  • When your baby cries overnight, just wait a few minutes (5 min) to see if he can’t resettle himself back to sleep.  If he doesn’t, attend to him.
  • Don’t start rocking or patting your baby if you didn’t do it before.  You’re going to keep doing it even if the baby is not teething anymore because he loves it!
  • Don’t give bottles overnight after 6 months.  Babies don’t need overnight feeding after 6 months they need SLEEP!.. and teething certainly doesn’t make them more thirsty overnight.
  • Don’t start co-sleeping.  The baby doesn’t need to be co-slept now.  He is sleeping better in his cot.  If you start co-sleeping, it will take you 2 weeks to get him out again.


If you want to know if your baby is really teething, there are a few ways to check:

  • Pain
  • Runny stools
  • Fever
  • Drooling
  • Crankiness
  • Hands keep going to the mouth
  • You can run your finger along the front edges of the gums. You will feel swollen ridges of pre-teething gums

70% of babies get their teeth according to this guideline:
6 months:  Lower central incisors
7 months:  Upper central incisors
7.5 months:  Lower Lateral incisors
9 months: Upper Lateral incisors
12 months:  Lower First Molars
14 months: Upper First Molars
16 months: Lower Canines
18 months:  Upper Canines
20 months: Lower second Molars
24 months: Upper second Molars

Good Luck!!  Teething can be very challenging!

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