Baby Sleep Consultant & Training Services in Gladstone, QLD

Do you have a hard time getting your baby or toddler to sleep? Do they wake up in the night and fight to stay awake? Are you tired of trying all sorts of solutions to help, such as putting them to bed earlier, or not letting them a nap during the day, only to find that it doesn’t help at all?

Would you like personalised assistance from a baby and toddler sleep specialist and support in getting your infant resting better through gentle sleep training at home?


If so, Happy Sleepers is here to help. Our Gladstone baby sleep consultants and trainers provide support and guidance on how parents can teach their infants healthy sleep habits. This doesn’t mean simply letting them ‘cry it out’, as you may have heard to do. Instead, we do this by teaching parents how to implement our well-recognised Baby Sleep Training techniques in a way that works for your family.

Learn more on our baby and toddler sleep training available from a dedicated specialist, contact us at Happy Sleepers today by calling 0413 638 299.

Personalised Baby & Toddler Sleep Training

 After becoming a mother to twins, Christine Scheepers – the founder of Happy Sleepers – became intimately familiar with not only the struggles of managing children’s sleep cycles, but also those of parents. This gave birth to developing her own sleep training program for her children, and igniting a passion for helping other parents with custom baby and toddler sleep training.

Christine is now an ICU nurse, midwife and qualified sleep consultant. After a FREE initial 15-minute consultation to discuss the sleep issues required for your infant, we can establish an ongoing schedule of sleep training, including in-home sleep assistance, zoom & phone package or a DIY sleep program for those in Gladstone, QLD.

Contact a Trained Sleep Consultant for Your Infant

For more information on our baby and toddler sleep training services from a trained specialist in Gladstone QLD, contact us at Happy Sleepers today by calling 0413 638 299, sending an email to, or submit an enquiry through our online contact form, and we will be in touch shortly.



Soundproofing your Baby’s Nursery

There can be a few reasons why you want to or need to soundproof your baby’s nursery.  On the baby’s side, if the room is not quiete enough, your baby is not going to have proper sleep.  Noise can be due to noise birds, barking dogs, or busy roads. It doesn’t matter what is coursing the noise but the noise itself is interrupting your baby’s sleep.  It can course short naps during the day, frequent wake-ups at night, and early wake-ups in the morning.
Sometimes you need to soundproof your baby’s nursery due to your baby’s crying and it’s disturbing your neighbors.  It’s especially a problem when you’re living in a multi-unit apartment.  It can be very stressful for parents (especially first-time parents) when their baby is crying a lot and they don’t know how to control the crying.  The more anxious the parent gets, the more the baby cries.
There are quite a lot of things that can be done to soundproof or reduce the noise in your baby’s nursery.  Here are some ideas that might help:

  • Fill up the room:  The emptier the room is, the more sound will echo and travel.  If the nursery is somewhat bare, now is the time to get some “stuff” between the baby and the walls. Bring in more furniture such as a dresser, display shelves, bookshelf, or a rocking chair.
  • Move the cot:  If the cot is standing next to a shared wall, move it to an interior wall.
  • Décor  (for the shared wall):  Hanging large pieces of canvas artwork, fabric paintings and even decorative quilts will muffle the noise.  You can also hang heavy curtains on the windows.  The curtains will help empty space, it will help muffle outdoor noise and it will block out light to make the room dark.
  • Cover the floor:  If you have bare floors, get a BIG rug that covers most of the floor.  Wool is a better sound baffle than cotton, and a tufted rug is better than a flat-woven one for sound containment.
  • White noise or Noise machines:  White noise (fan/humidifier/ white noise cd’s) or Noise machines can be relaxing and calming to your baby, but it also helps mask outside noises that may be irritating to your baby.
  • Soundproof Windows (Double Glazing):  This is a more permanent change but it will make a huge difference.  You don’t need to replace your existing windows, they basically add on a window to create a double glazing effect.
  • Acoustic Sound Blankets:  Acoustic Sound Blankets absorb and reduce the noise to an unnoticeable level for a quiet environment. These Sound Blankets can be hung in front of windows and doors to block out noise.
  • Soundproofing panels/tiles:  This is also more of a permanent fixture but definitely worth doing.




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